Enertri – 10g

  • Produced from new variety of organic rice – Riceberry
  • Planted in a zero-pollutant environment, soil and water free from chemical fertilizers, growth hormones and pesticides.
  • Process through a mechanical-hydrolysis technique to form small molecule of “α-polysaccharide – peptide (α-PSP)”
  • Rich of active nutrient molecule α-PSP, antioxidants (Anthocyanin), and phytonutrients, include the amino acids, natural vitamins and minerals.
  • The active nutrient molecule finer than body cell that can be absorbed directly by cells.


Natural organic riceberry

Unique Feature

  • Provide essential wellness needs of modern people, contain health and beauty promoting properties.
  • Do not contain artificial colourings, no additives and no artificial preservatives.
  • Suitable for children, adult, senior citizen and vegan.

Preparation method and suggested daily intake

  • Pour 150ml of warm water in a Ener-Shaker, add one sachet of Enertri. Shake well until even and drink.
  • You may add Enertri to your coffee, tea or other beverages and food to suit your preference.
  • Recommendation for adult to take twice daily before breakfast and at night before bedtime (about 11pm), also recommended to take 3 times in a day before meal upon your needs. Each time 1 sachet.

Organic Riceberry Beverage

Enertri riceberry beverage is a health supplement. It features riceberry, a new natural crossbred variety grain from Thai Hom Nin rice (black rice) and Thai Khao Dawk rice (jasmine rice). Thus, riceberry contains the fragrance of jasmine rice and great nutrient value of black rice. By eating riceberry, you can achieve better control of blood sugar and lipid profile (Cholesterol, HDL, LDL & triglyceride). As a result, your risk of diabetes and coronary heart disease will be greatly reduce!

Moreover, riceberry is good for your skin and hair as it contains a variety of highly effective antioxidants. Notably Anthocyanin, Tannin, Vitamins B complexes & Vitamin E, riceberry will keep your skin young and hair smooth. Likewise, it is also rich in iron, making it a suitable iron source for vegetarians.

Most importantly, Enertri provides essential nutrients to modern people. Through mechanical hydrolysis, riceberry nutrients becomes smaller than our cells (α-Polysacharride Peptide). In this way, we can immediately absorb riceberry nutrients without any digestion!

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The right choice. It is both a guarantee for your family’s happiness and a good and steady investment.

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