EnerABC (30g per sachet)


  • A natural, safe and palatable formula that promote weight management, provide essential nutrients and enhances cardiovascular wellness.
  • Utilizes the best of quality barley that contained up to 25% Beta-Glucan imported from Canada.
  • Accompanying with the king of beans: Soy bean, a protein source highly suitable for vegetarians.
  • Rice brans are processed through a mechanical-hydrolysis technique to form small molecule of “α-polysaccharide-peptide (α-PSP)”.
  • Rich of active nutrient molecule α-PSP, complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber, amino acids, fatty acids, natural vitamins and minerals.
  • The active nutrient molecule finer than body cell that can be absorbed directly by cells.



Soy, Barley with 25% Beta-Glucan, Long Grain Rice, Short Grain Rice, Fragrant Rice, Natural Vanilla Flavour.

Unique Feature
  • Beta-Glucan and α-PSP
  • Provide essential wellness needs for modern people at a low-calorie formula that aids in slimming and health protection.
  • Suitable for children, adult, senior citizen and vegan.


Preparation method and suggested daily intake
  • Mix 1 sachet with 200ml of room temperature water in a shaker, shake well until even and drink immediately
  • Suggested taking 1-2 sachet daily before breakfast and / or dinner, 1 sachet per time.

Please contact us for more details.

The right choice. It is both a guarantee for your family’s happiness and a good and steady investment.

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